What is Close-up Magic?

Imagine sitting down for an evening of relaxation and enjoyable entertainment. You won't see this kind of magic on a stage and you don't have to watch it on T.V. You will be entertained with comedy, mystery and illusion with the performer actually sitting at the table with you. You may very well be a part of the show.

This is close-up magic that is more on a personal level and from a distance that leaves no question about camera tricks, mirrors, strings or trap doors.

What is Strolling Magic?

Strolling magic is very much like close-up magic, only without the tables and the performer is constantly on the move. This type of magic is great for very large events where the performer actually mingles with the crowd and performs several mini shows throughout the masses. Also, many strolling magicians will create balloon animals which are always a big hit with the children, as well as the adults.

What is Stage Magic?

Stage, or sometimes called stand up magic, for the most part is what you may see in a theater or on T.V. This can be for audiences of any size. The stage magician will normally perform his show for an entire group of people at one time instead of several mini shows as you might see at the close-up tables.

This is magic at its best.


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